Posted June 5th, 2012 by nosidekick

Ginger Salad

Ginger Salad has always struck us as something that shouldn’t taste as good as it does. After all it mixes cabbage, peanuts, carrots and humungous slices of ginger with a distinctive tangy dressing, one you’re unlikely to buy in the grocery store. But what appears to be disparate flavors turns out to be a distinctive taste combination. Similarly, our interests outside of writing, while seemingly unrelated, all feed right back to the creative center.

Cynthia: A Remnant of My Past, But Don’t Hem Me In

I like to sew. It’s a remarkable mix of linear thinking, precision and creativity. I guess baking is the same way, though that isn’t something I do because it would involve turning on the oven and having food staples in the apartment. While sometimes unforgiving, even tearing out a misbegotten seam is soothing to me in its zen-like repetition.


Sarah: Junk = Collage = Art?

Working with “found” art has allowed me to exercise some of my feelings and to clear out the piles of junk in my apartment. Not that I want to see the debris and detritus of my life on the wall, but it really cuts down on the need to purchase art supplies. What’s great about collages made with “found” art is that these oddball items often decide the shape and theme of the project in ways I couldn’t have predicted. I find myself on a journey of discovery, albeit one that occasionally begins in a trash can.


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