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Spicy Crunchy

Inspired by one of our favorite Asian appetizers, the spicy crunchy shrimp roll, these artists’ work offer complex textures and bold palettes that both compete and complement their emotional resonance. This page is dedicated to the talented people we know and admire. Their creative endeavors are to be applauded, and we celebrate their artistry.

Lauren Kotkin, artist

Lauren is an artist and educator living in Washington, D.C. For many years, she had a business sewing fabric baby gifts, but she put the sewing machine away and turned to collage because after working with young children, paper and glue had stuck. The patterned paper in her artwork was created from photos she took in Prague of the mosaic sidewalks. City natives ignore them the way D.C. residents breeze by the White House. But a tourist sees the beauty and creates art from art.


Fragment Series – Currency Value/2





In the Bubble – Bubble (In Memory of z”l)




Laurie MacMurray

Laurie MacMurray is a writer and artist based in Los Angeles who works in mixed media, acrylics and pastel. A former advertising executive, Laurie changed careers in 2002 and followed her heart, founding Arts Matter, a non-profit that provides visual arts education to elementary schools in underserved communities. Laurie splits her time between her home in Los Angeles and her “grandma” quarters in Denver, where she spends time doing what she likes best, playing with her granddaughter Harper.



Ode to Kandinsky





Portrait of a Man



Anne Canzonetti

Anne Canzonetti (nee Jennings) is a fifth-generation Texan who was born in El Paso, lived briefly in Holbrook, Arizona, and grew up in Phoenix. She graduated from Bard College in New York and remained forever more on the East Coast. After 20 years in the Washington, D.C. area working primarily in the arts (national nonprofit community development), she and her husband Matt moved back to the Hudson Valley and now live in Woodstock, New York. Anne is back working at Bard in alumni/ae affairs and loves waking up to the view of the Catskill Mountains and diverse wildlife (as long as they’re not eating her garden). Anne naturally is a linear thinker and visual learner, and undertakes art projects to pull her into her left brain. She started working in wire around 2000 and is fascinated by the beauty of sea life and plants.


Fish Tree









Angel Fish





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